AchilloTrain Ankle Support


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Active achilles ankle support with an integrated heel cushion to brace and provide pain relief of the Achilles tendon. Read more




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The AchilloTrain incorporates the latest in sports science technology to form an active ankle brace that relieves the Achilles tendon.

The ankle brace provides a threefold therapeutic effect: it relieves Achilles tendon pain, distributes pressure evenly to reduce impact, and produces a soothing massage effect that helps prevent fluid build-up.

A uniquely developed pressure pad runs along the Achilles tendon to produce a gentle massaging effect for improved proprioception and pain relief. A heel wedge cushion lifts the ankle slightly to take strain off the tendon itself. The ankle support's unique 3D weave is moisture wicking and provides all day comfort.

The AchilloTrain is ideal for treating Achilles pain, heel swelling, Achilles tendinitis, and post-surgery ruptures. For acute and chronic Achilles tendon support we recommend using the AchilloTrain Pro.


  • Pressure-reduced edges – Ensures a comfortable fit without constricting movement, bunching or slipping. Improves circulation.
  • Three-dimensional Train active knit – For a perfect fit.
  • Contoured insert – Running along the Achilles tendon, the pad distributes the pressure uniformly.
  • High elasticity – Makes the support easy to put on and take off.
  • Stretchy knit material – Breathable and comfortable fabric is machine-washable in the gentle cycle, which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit.
  • Heel wedge cushion - Sits under the heel for added pain relief.
  • Universal - Same version can be used for both the right and left foot.

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Concerned that your item might not fit properly? All Bauerfeind items come with a 30 day exchange policy. Ensuring you of the perfect fit.

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Sizing, How it Works

AchilloTrain Ankle Support

Step 1

A perfect fit means faster recovery and improved performance. You will need to measure the circumference of your ankle with a measuring tape.

AchilloTrain Ankle Support

Step 2

Measure the circumference of your ankle at the narrowest point.

AchilloTrain Ankle Support

Step 3

AchilloTrain should feel snug and firm around the ankle but not constrictive.All Bauerfeind ankle braces have a 1 year warranty and qualify for our 30 day size exchange policy.

AchilloTrain Ankle Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is true medical-grade compression?

The two basic components of true “medical-grade compression” are gradient compression and minimum compression levels.

Gradient compression means the compression is strongest farthest away from the center of the body/heart and slowly loosens as it goes closer to the center of the body.

Medical-grade compression levels are in the “sweet spot” for improving circulation and removing lactic-acid and other fluid build up. Unlike most other 'active wear' and retail compression available in Australia (that are not gradient and provide much lower grade compression), Bauerfeind compression is true medical grade.

What’s the difference between the Performance and Recovery lines?

Both lines offer medical-grade compression and have the same medical benefits of increased healing bloodflow, stability and proprioception.

Sports Supports are ideal for shorter bursts of intense activity (like a workout or a basketball game), whereas Medical Supports are softer and more comfortable for all-day wear.

Sports braces and supports are great for injury prevention, but if you already have an injury you're trying to recover from, we’d recommend going with a Recovery brace or support.

What is proprioception?

Proprioceptors are helped by mechanoreceptors in the skin, which help detect stretch, compression, vibration and pressure. All of these messages come together and are analyzed by your brain, which provides you with a sense of awareness of your body and its movement within space.

Succeeding at your sport relies on your coordination and confidence, and gaining awareness of your body’s movements is essential to improving performance and preventing an injury.

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For decades, Bauerfeind has been developing highly effective sports and medical aids to help top international athletes, including at the Olympic Games.

At the Bauerfeind Innovation Center, we continually develop our products, drawing on all the experience we have gained in the world of elite sport. For this reason, you can be 100% confident that all Bauerfeind products always reflect the latest findings in sports science.