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Bauerfeind’s ManuTrain® wrist supports provide stability and comfort to painful wrists.



Relieves strain and stabilises during movement

ManuTrain® wrist supports take the strain off your wrist and provides pain relief. The flexible soft knitted fabric has padded inserts which take pressure off nerves and blood vessels, and provides soothing pain relief.

Fit and Technology
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Product Overview

Relief from wrist and hand pain

The brace conforms to your wrist shape for a secure hold. The ManuTrain® brace takes the strain off your wrist and soothes pain. Gentle compression accelerates the healing of soft tissue irritation. ManuTrain® is useful for Carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation of the tendon in the wrist, arthritis, overuse, or following an injury.

Extreme comfort

As you move your hand, the support reacts and provides a massaging effect for soothing pain relief. An adjustable strap lets you control the amount of compression for excellent comfort, and an adaptable stay can be added for even more stabilisation. Adding to the level of comfort, our soft knit fabric is lightweight and breathable. Machine wash in the gentle cycle to help maintain elasticity and original fit.

Give wrist pain a hand

A ManuTrain® wrist brace ensures a painful wrist won’t interrupt your daily life.



  1. Seamless knit between thumb and index finger – Enables you to grip objects without irritation.
  2. Breathable materials – For optimal wearing comfort.
  3. Three-dimensional knit – Constructed to conform to the natural shape of the wrist, so it is still mobile, but gets the stability it needs.
  4. Support pads – Relieve the pressure on nerves and blood vessels to reduce pain and swelling.
  5. Additional Velcro strap – Supports the stabilising effect of the inner hand stay, while letting you control the amount of compression.
  6. Adaptable stay – Can be added for a greater stabilising effect.
  7. Reduced pressure at the edges – Prevents constriction.

Treatment of

Wrist sprain
Wrist arthritis
Wrist tendinitis
Carpal tunnel


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