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The MalleoTrain Plus light weight ankle brace stabilises the foot following twisting injuries and sprains as well as in cases of ligament weakness and extreme overloading during sport, without restricting mobility.



Extra stability for the ankle joints and tendons

The MalleoTrain® Plus support stabilises the ankle following injuries from twists or sprains, as well as in cases of ligament weakness and extreme overloading during sports.

The MalleoTrain Plus is the ideal ankle brace for sports and for use as a support and preventative during sporting activity.

Fit and Technology
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Product Overview

Greater stability

If you’ve twisted or sprained your ankle, you need stability and pain relief to continue living your active lifestyle on your terms. Bauerfeind’s MalleoTrain® Plus ankle support increases stability and helps avoid twisting. Your movement activates the massage effect to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Two pads at the inner and outer ankle keep the ankle in place to stimulate circulation without limiting your ability to move freely.

Effective replacement for tape

Unlike athletic tape, the strap system of MalleoTrain® Plus delivers optimal support and can be adjusted for just the right amount of gentle pressure, so you will be supported, yet comfortable.

Soft knit fabric

Designed using our unique soft-knit, stretchy and breathable knit, the MalleoTrain® ankle brace offers firm support with a comfortable fit. It’s easy to care for your brace. Just secure the Velcro strap and toss it separately in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, using detergent free from additives. This helps the support maintain its original elasticity and fit.

Get back on your feet faster

The MalleoTrain® Plus soft knit support is comfortable yet effective, so you can get relief from pain and help the healing process.

MalleoTrain Plus


  1. Reduced pressure at the edges – Prevents constriction.
  2. Three-dimensional Train active knit – For a perfect fit.
  3. Anatomical shape – Conforms to your body for gentle compression that keeps your ankle in place and improves circulation.
  4. Viscoelastic cushions – Increases your comfort with soft pads while stabilising the ankle and reducing pain and swelling.
  5. Three-level strap system – Stabilises the ankle joint in all directions. An effective alternative to ankle taping or wrapping to keep the ankle and foot in place.
  6. Soft knit fabric – Breathable knit is comfortable to wear and keeps moisture away from the body. It is machine washable in the gentle cycle, which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit.
  7. Reduced pressure at the edges – Prevents constriction.

Treatment of

Moderate ankle sprains
Moderate ankle swelling
Ankle ligament tear (mild to mod)


  1. Julia Nolan

    I am not from the city but was passing through and was so happy to be fitted with the MalleoTrain. I have a permanent injury to my Peroneus Brevis and constant pain and swelling. In an hour of strolling in the city I enjoyed pain free exercise almost straight away. Taping had given some relief but the gel pads really pressed away the swelling. With reduced swelling over the last 4 weeks my Fibula is sitting better in the ankle and mobility and strength has increased. Am saving for my second brace as taping is not as good.

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