ErgoPad® Weightflex 2


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The foot orthosis for an individual lifestyle.



Fit and Technology

Based on European shoe sizes. Insole sizes are classified as slim for females and wide for males.

Product Overview

High-quality PU Coating

ErgoPad® Weightflex 2 features a core coated with high-quality polyurethane soft foam. The unique technique of using a partial foam coating leaves the core, and its functionality, exposed. The durable polyurethane plastic has effective cushioning properties despite its reduced construction height, and it cushions sensitive areas of the foot. Slight sensorimotor spots in the PU surface gently stimulate the musculature. This stabilises the hind-foot and supports the transverse arch.

The centrepiece of the foot orthosis 

The centerpiece of the foot orthosis is the synthetic core with variable support. It combines two types of plastic with different levels of firmness in the orthotic core. The internal “weightflex-X” offers variable support according to foot conditions, therapeutic goals and body weight, with support levels of soft, medium or strong.

Integrated hinge joints

Thanks to the flexibility of the orthotic core in the forefoot and heel areas, the foot orthoses can easily be worn in shoes with higher heels.


The weightflex 2 orthotic core stabilizes the longitudinal and transverse arches and improves the free movement of the joints in the tarsus – the “weak point” of the foot’s structure. The combination of firm and flexible elements in the orthotic core allows the foot to twist naturally, thus boosting active mobility. The interaction of the four side sections of the “weightflex-X” in the core assists the active resetting of the muscles and connective tissues and optimizes the gait pattern.

Special Features:

  1. High-grade plastic orthosis
  2. Two plastic components with different levels of firmness in the orthotic core
  3. Variable support offered by the “weightflex-X”
  4. Integral hinges in the forefoot and heel areas
  5. Partial polyurethane soft foam coating


  1. Flexible orthotic core:
    The flexible orthotic core, offering three different levels of firmness, boosts the torsional moment, supports the longitudinal arch and provides optimal guidance for every step.
  2. Hinges:
    The orthotic core is bendable in both the heel and forefoot areas, so it can be adapted to suit a variety of heel heights.
  3. Anatomy taken into account:
    The edging at the front of the core is anatomically contoured, leaving the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints free. The edges are thin.
  4. Reduced strain at the base of the fifth MTP joint:
    The outer area of the orthotic core is lower at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone. This takes into account the biomechanical requirements of this part of the foot.


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