Bauerfeind VenoTrain compression
socks are designed to provide long term
comfort and great looks.

VenoTrain Business

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Compression socks for business

VenoTrain compression socks are quick and easy to put on thanks to their highly elastic soft Lycra fibers. The anatomically shaped heel and instep area and the wide supportive band ensure a pleasant and secure fit. VenoTrain flight socks come in a timeless, discreetly ribbed design and are available in several colors, so you can choose the appropriate one for any official occasion.

Suitable for both men and women. VenoTrain compression flight socks are ideally for people who work on their feet and frequent travelers looking for long lasting and quality compression socks.

Who needs compression socks?

If you are under 40 you might be thinking that there is need for you to wear compression socks. Most people think this type of sock is for the elderly or with people suffering a chronic medical condition like Lymphedema. This is not true, there are a variety of reasons that people of all ages may need to use high quality compression socks. For example several reasons might be that:

  • you walk and stand still for longer periods of time – for example while you are working
  • you sit still for longer periods of time, for example when you are working, flying or driving
  • you might be pregnant or suffer with swelling in legs and feet
  • you have problems with varicose veins

You can see that there are plenty of reasons that you might need to use a high quality compression sock.

motion is life stockings

3D Measurement BODYTRONIC® 600

The next generation of measurement technology

At Bauerfeind we don’t just provide a product, we provide a comfortable and active lifestyle. The way we see it – Motion is life! Our mission is to get active with premium products that work perfectly for you.

To do this, we utilise state of the art 3D body measuring technology to help ensure the perfectly sized product is selected and has the maximum positive affect in your daily life.

The Bodytronic 600 digital measurement system measures the legs up to the hips as well as knees and ankles. A 3D model of your body is instantly generated by the system coupled with numerous measurement data forms the basis of a 99.8% accurate reading and product size selection. The BODYTRONIC 600 offers

  • Accuracy: Manual measurement errors are avoided
  • Efficiency: Measurement and generation of the 3D model happen at the same time: under a minute
  • Non-contact: The body is measured by projecting beams of light

If you are in Sydney come by our flagship store and experience this cutting edge technology with our premium products.



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